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No One 32

andreas und andre

Melodies are not a stylistic device, melodies are the basis of emotions! This idea is
reflected in all songs and live sets of No One 32.
The No One 32 project stems from a classic collaboration between a DJ ( Andre
Schlote) and a producer (Andreas Leitel). But actually it´s much more, because the
boys born in Jena connects a long-standing friendship.
Both growing up in the artists and students town of Jena, which through various
labels and acts from the electronic music scene provided the perfect breeding ground
for young artists already in the 90s.
While André fully living out his passion for music not only as a DJ but also as a record
store owner, Andreas enlarged gradually his home studio and published first own tracks .
Through common friends they get to know in 2004 and founded a short time later the
label Purec Recordings. After some successful vinyl releases, their ways get parted
and each of them devoted to own musical projects.
The love of electronic music combined the duo a few years later again. Under the
project name No One 32 channelized both artists their musical ideas and created new
sonic horizons. Their style is characterized by clearly structured house beats,
expressive areas, emotional chord changes and short, memorable melodies.


No One 32 – Discographie
No One 32 – Trust me / coming soon… LORDAG 2015
No One 32 – Border to Border…2015
Airdice – True de Median ( No One 32 Rmx) WonneMusik 2015
Brian Laruso feat. Mila Falls – Could this be Love ( No One 32 Rmx) Magic Island Rec. 2014
No One 32 – A Tribute to Murphy / Crescendo Records 2014
No One 32 & Mensah Hart – Next to You / LORDAG 2014
David K. – in love (No One 32 Rmx) / Beatbrothers 2013
No One – So Cold / Purec Recordings 2007
No One – Invader the Rmxs / Purec Recordings 2006
No One – Hands on / Purec Recordings 2006
No One – Invader / Purec Recordings 2005
Profilers – Farben Remixe / Redroom Records 2003
Subcontrol – Morgenrot / Redroom Records 2003

2015 No One 32 & Mensah Hart – Next to You / Hauptstadt Musik Berlin Vol.6 / Budenzauber Germany
2014 No One 32 & Mensah Hart – Next to You / DEEP IN LOVE, VOL. 13 – LE BIEN ET LE MAL RECORDINGS
2014 No One 32 & Mensah Hart – Next to You / PODCAST ESSENTIALS, VOL. 7 / High Pro-File Recordings
2008 No One – so cold / Minimal House Vol. 3 Compilation / ZYX Music Germany
2007 No One – invader / Netraver Compilation / ZYX Music Germany
2006 No One – hands on / i-play Compilation/ TRC Records Italia
2006 No One – Revenge / Worldwide Mix CD/ URBR Records Brasil

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